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The term fees of the music institute of Pakila

Basic studies and Special studies

Soloist subjects:

Main subject 45-60 min/week445 €
Main subject 30 min/week395 €
Secondary subject 45-60 min/week300 €
Secondary subject 30 min/week225 €
Music lessons for the music classes of the Pakila primary school445 €
Two to three students in a group / Suzuki group45 min 310 €, 30 min 240 €
Sibling discount I-30 €
Sibling discount II-60 €

General fees

Registration fees for new students10 €
Students living outside the Helsinki area60 €
Interest for late payment5 €

Group subjects:

Group subject as main subject 60 min170 €
Group subject as main subject 45 min140 €

Level fees

(not for our own students)
Basic levels 1 and 2100 €
Basic level 3 and High level135 €
Tuition fee exemptions can be granted on application after due consideration.

Please submit your applications for tuition fee exemptions by 30 September.

The form can be downloaded from our web site. No tuition exemptions can be granted for first-year students.

Music playgroups

Music playgroup 30min/week110 €
Music playgroup 45 min/week160 €
Instrument training group 45 min/week160 €
Music and art playgroup 90 min320 €
Art and music playgroup 90 min265 €
Sibling discounts and tuition fee exemptions do not apply to music play school
Registration fees for new students10 €

Term invoices are sent out in e-mail. Please make sure that our office has your current e-mail address for sending the invoice.

The Music School of Pakila Association has taken accident insurance on children and young students for the students of the music school (under 18 years). The insurance is valid during lessons and immediate journeys.


Kirsti Kivioja, controller, tel. 050-4717 585