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Are you longing for having a chance to play an instrument? Are you interested in folk
music or have you been dreaming about jamming in a band or perhaps composing music?
Welcome to the Music Institute of Pakila!

We offer happy musical activities to those in all ages interested in music. We provide
access to groups intended for early childhood education, to music and singing lessons, to
groups where one learns about the basics of music, and to bands and orchestras.
You can develop your skills according to your interests regarding pop/jazz, classical music,
early music and folk music.

Our selection of instruments

Classical music programme:
piano, free accompaniment, cembalo, violin, viola, cello,
double bass, flute, recorder, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, guitar, vocal studies

Folk music programme:
keyboards, violin, jouhikko (bowed lyre), double bass, wind
instruments, kanteleet (traditional Finnish string instruments), accordions, guitar, ukulele
(small four-stringed guitar) and other string instruments, vocal studies

Rhythm music programme:
piano, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, saxophone,
clarinet, trombone, vocal studies, music technology

You can sign up for basic level studies and to musical
playschool groups on the net during April here
You can also enquire about vacant places at other times.

Price list

For further information, please contact Anni Holma